How to Obtain a Business Visa for Cuba



If you are planning on starting a business in Cuba, you must obtain what is known as the D7 business visa. A business visa for Cuba is not optional, you MUST obtain a business visa if you are conducting business in Cuba. A business visa is obtained from the Cuban Consular General office but there are some steps to go through before contacting them.

After you have met with the government officials of your country and obtained the necessary documentation through these official channels, contact the Cuban Consulate in your region to obtain the business visa.

Note:  D7 Business visas to Cuba are difficult to obtain for first timers entering the Cuban market. You must establish contact first with a potential Cuban counterpart who will endorse and receive you in Cuba.

Further instructions from the consular services of Cuba states the process as:

“Business visas must be requested by applicants through the Consulate. After the approval by the Cuban Embassy, the applicant will visit the Consulate during normal business hours.

Documents to be presented:

• Valid passport
• Letter from the counterpart Company in Cuba stating length of your stay, purpose of meeting, name and position of the person signing the letter.
• One photo
• Completed Visa Application Form
• Payment of the consular fee for this service: (Check with the Cuban embassy or Consulate in your city)

If the application is made by a third party, an extra consular fee will be charged for non personal service.

If the application is made by mail, an extra consular fee will be charged for non personal service. A pre-paid safe envelope (with tracking number) must be sent in order to return the documents. The payment must be done by Money order or certified check.
NOTE: All cash sent by mail will be refused and returned at the own risk of the applicant.

For Visas processed by bodies and institutions in Cuba through the Cuban Immigration Office, the applicant must contact the Consulate and check whether authorization was received.

For Canadian business people, contact the Trade Commissioner Service in Ottawa or the US Foreign Commerce Officer in Washington to assist in preparing a program for your visit.  Once you apply for a business visa for Cuba, this information must be provided to the Consulate General of Cuba.

As further support for the application of a business visa in Cuba, contact the Cuban Trade Commissioner and the Cuban Chamber of Commerce in Havana (Cámara de Comercio de Cuba) for market research on your business proposal.

The contact information for the official Cuban Chamber in Havana is:

Ms. Mirtha Rippes
Cámara de Comercio de Cuba
 (Cuban Chamber of Commerce)
Calle 21 No. 601 esq. A, Vedado
Havana, Cuba

Telephone: (537) 831-0424
Fax: (537) 833-3042
Email: relacaribe [@] camara [.] com [.] cu

The official Cuban Chamber of Commerce website is:

After fulfilling the above requirements, a letter, fax or email must be sent to the Cuban Consular General in your country as the next step. The addresses, phone number and fax numbers can be found below for both American and Canadian business persons.

US citizens:

Consulate General of Cuba in Washington
Address: 2630 16th street NW
Washington DC 20009

Telephone:  (202) 797 8518 ext. 20
Email: recepcion [@] sicuw [.] org

Canadian citizens:

Jurisdiction:  Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Yukon, Northwest territories & Nunavut

Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto
5353 Dundas West, Suite 205,
Toronto, ON, M9B 6H8

Telephone: (416) 234-8181
Fax: (416) 234-2754

Email: toronto2 [@] embacubacanada [.] net

Obtaining a business visa for Cuba is a process that must be completed if you are planning on doing business in Cuba.  It will take some time to complete this process, meet with the required officials and obtain the D7 business visa for Cuba.

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