Huawei Technologies signs smartphone agreement with ETECSA


The high technology Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (HUAWEI – a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider) and ETECSA have recently signed an agreement for the acquisition by Cuba of new smart phone products.

The Cuban media reported that this development will improve voice and data services in Cuba.

The agreement also includes technical training for ETECSA  staff as well as a percentage for the continued supply of parts and pieces.  This agreement also envisages the provision of new services  in the future.

Huawei is an international corporation and is considered a prime telecommunications solutions provider with proven products suited for the most diverse of geographical  and circumstances.  Huawei products are currently used in 170 countries.

China is one of Cuba’s major trading partners.  From January to September of this year trade between Cuba and China reached 1.596 billion dollars, which represented an increase of almost 57 per cent over the previous year.

Check out the new Huawei smartphones to use in Cuba.

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