WiFi internet connectivity increasing in Cuba



Slowly but surely, internet connectivity is increasing in Cuba although it is still a country with one of the lowest rates of internet connectivity in the world.  Since mid-June, Cubans have been able to access the internet from the addition of 35 new wireless internet browsing zones in various cities across Cuba.  Cuban citizens have also been benefited from a reduction in the price of a network connection.

In Havana, these areas are located in the central avenue “La Rampa”, ranging from the emblematic Malecon (seawall promenade) to the movie theater “Yara”, two parks in the municipalities of La Lisa and Centro Habana; the amphitheater of Marianao and the Boulevard of the Villa Panamericana, in Cojimar, a town in the east of Havana.

Users with contracts to Nauta local accounts have access to this new service which has a connection speed through that wireless internet of 1 MB per user.

Also from Wednesday the price when surfing the internet will have a discount of up to 2 CUC to Nauta users, representing approximately a 50% reduction compared to the cost that had so far.

Cuba is one of the countries with the lowest rate of Internet connectivity, 5%, which is reduced to 1% for broadband.

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