Wrinkles of the City

wrinkles-of-the-city-artFrom the art project for the city of Havana, "Wrinkles of the City." Image courtesy: http://www.jr-art.net

Surcos de la ciudad, “Wrinkles of the City,” was a stunning urban art project created for the 11th Havana Art Biennial in 2012.

Invited by the Wifredo Lam museum to contribute to the Art Biennial of 2012, Havana forms the backdrop to the murals, a collaboration between two artists. Its worn, decaying buildings bear the portraits of 25 older people who have lived through and endured the history of the city.

The video is directed by the two artists who created the murals, JR (from France) and José Parlá, (a Cuban American artist). It features their work, the artists’ process in the creation of the murals as well as conversations with the people who were photographed.

The images on the wrinkled, broken facades of buildings can be seen in the neighborhoods Old Havana, Central Havana and Vedado.

“In 2012, French artist JR and Cuban American artist José Parlá collaborated on The Wrinkles of the City – Havana, Cuba: huge mural installations undertaken for the Havana Biennale, for which JR and Parlá photographed, and recorded 25 senior citizens who had lived through the Cuban revolution; creating portraits, which Parlá interlaced with calligraphic writings and abstract painterly gestures. This is their film collaboration by the same title documenting their experience.”


Author: The Editorial Board

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