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100 Wi-Fi Zones in Havana by Year End

ETECSA, the telecommunications company, is increasing Wifi zones throughout Cuba.

ETECSA is promising there will be 100 wi-fi zones in Havana by the end of this year, according to a report in the Cuban news.

To achieve this, the telecommunications company will open up 42 new Wi-Fi areas in the city.

According to some reports, Cuba now has more than 1,000 wi-fi hotspots across the Island.

Huawei, the Chinese tech company has been involved in a fiber optic cable project with Cuba and is assisting with wi-fi infrastructure.  Huawei has an existing telecommunications agreement with Cuba.

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Google, too, has signed a deal with Etecsa to bring faster internet connectivity to Cuba.

There’s still three years for ETECSA to reach its target to extend the internet to within reach of all Cubans.  With increasing speeds and capabilities to transmit more data, the future of Cuba’s telecommunication industry is improving.  The Cuban government had promised all Cubans will have internet access by the year 2020.

The Communication Ministry’s IT Director, Ernesto Rodriguez, was reported as saying a few years ago in the Cuban press, “The Cuban government is working to ensure that the IT resources and Internet are available and accessible to all Cubans.”

Updated November 14, 2017

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