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Agriculture and Food

Agri VMA Becomes the Fifth Vietnamese Company at ZEDM

Photo: Pexels

With the establishment of a branch of the Agri VMA company, Vietnam becomes the country with the largest presence in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), the economic development zone located west of Havana.

According to the ZED Mariel website, Agri VMA’s new investment, estimated at more than $21 million, there are now five businesses with Vietnamese capital established in the Zone.

Other Vietnamese businesses already set up in the ZED Mariel include ViMariel S.A., Thai Bihn Greenpower, Thai Bihn Global Investment Corporation, and Suchel.

The company will manufacture and market animal feed and raw materials, breed pigs and other animals, as well as import agricultural inputs and technology.

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Agri VMA production will directly affect food production and import substitution, contributing to the achievement of food sovereignty in Cuba.

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