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AT&T Announces Cuba Roaming Rates

AT&T announces their new rates for Cuba roaming. Photo: Cuba Business Report staff

Following the August announcements by AT&T of a signed agreement with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba (ETECSA), Cuba roaming packages are now available for AT&T customers in the United States.  AT&T has now released their rates for international wireless and calling plans to Cuba.  AT&T is the second largest carrier in the United States. Earlier this year, Verizon and T Mobile also signed contracts with ETECSA to offer Cuba roaming packages for their American customers.

AT&T’s rates for Cuba are: $3.00 per minute, SMS and MMS are $0.50 and data is priced at $2.05 per megabyte.

As of October 18th, AT&T customers can now talk, text and use data on the same phone and with the same number they use at home when traveling to Cuba.

Bill Hague, executive vice president, AT&T Global Connection Management said of the deal,  “We know our customers want uninterrupted connectivity and a continuous mobile experience. This is especially true as more visit Cuba… Extending service to our customers while they are in Cuba further solidifies our position as having the best global coverage of any U.S wireless provider.”

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Roaming rates do not come cheap for American or Canadian customers when they travel to Cuba.  For access to the internet when in Cuba, it’s still cheaper to purchase an internet card and use the Wifi at your hotel or at a Wifi zone.  There will also be Wifi access available on the Malecón by the end of the year.  The internet card is two to three CUCs per hour.

Still looking for cheaper solutions for connectivity in Cuba?  Buy an unlocked phone you can use in Cuba.  Recommended phones for Cuba that will work on the Cuban networks are BLU and Huawei.

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