Jacqueline Stein

Jacqueline Stein

WebsiteJacqueline holds a Master's Degree in International Communications and Development from City, University of London, and has spent the past several years living and working abroad with a diverse roster of international organizations and start-up enterprises. Her work has taken her throughout Canada, the United States, Brazil, Austria, India, and Zambia, and she has traveled extensively in East, West, and South Africa. Jacqueline is passionate about human rights issues and international relations, and her mantra is 'so long as we live in this world, we have a responsibility to it'.

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Dear Government of Canada


May 8th, 2019. It is a date that those with ties between Canada and Cuba know well. From the early morning hours, as media began to break their news stories for the day, the Government of Canada was making its announcement that, effective immediately, all visa... More »

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