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Keith Bolender

Keith Bolender is a freelance journalist living in Toronto and has written extensively on Cuban matters for the past 25 years for a variety of North American publications, including the Toronto Star, The Guardian, Florida Sun Sentinel, the Council for Hemispheric Affairs, North American Council on Latin America, Monthly Review, Progresso Weekly and others. He is a member of the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) on their roster of experts for Cuban Affairs. Instructor on the Cuban Revolution at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education. Bolender has lectured on Cuba throughout North America and the United Kingdom including at the United Nations in New York and the Scottish National Parliament. He has participated on various Cuban panels at a variety of international conferences including the Left Forum conference in New York, and at the University of Nottingham, Cuban conference in London England 2015, Che Guevara conference in Vancouver among others. Bolender has been interviewed about Cuba on national and local radio and television programs in Canada, US, United Kingdom. He has written three books on Cuba. The first is an examination of the unknown war of terror against Cuba – Voices From the Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba. Published 2012 by Pluto Press (London, England), the book is the first ever collection of interviews with dozens of Cubans across the island who have suffered directly from these acts or have had friends or relatives killed. The Spanish language version of the book was published in Cuba and presented to Fidel Castro at the Havana Book Fair in 2011. Bolender’s second book was published December 2012 by Palgrave/MacMillan (New York). Cuba Under Siege: American Policy, the Revolution and Its People examines the effect of more than 50 years of America’s unrelenting hostility to the Cuban Revolution has had on the development of a siege mentality among island leadership and ordinary citizens. The siege has affected politics, economics, culture and nearly all aspects of everyday Cuban life, including the radicalization of internal policies and international relationships. His third book came out September 2019 by Pluto Press (London). Manufacturing the Enemy: the Media War Against Cuba examines how the international mainstream media has consistently misrepresented and misinformed the general public about the Cuban Revolution and the country’s social/economic system, helping to sustain United States mostly negative perspective of Cuba and its resulting harmful effects on Cuba’s standing in the world and its perception among the international community. Author's Page:
Manufacturing-the-Enemy-media-war-against-cuba Manufacturing-the-Enemy-media-war-against-cuba


Since the earliest days of the Cuban revolution, mainstream media in the United States has been consistent in presenting a misinformed, biased narrative against...

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