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BIOTUR 2021 – Ecotourism Workshop Scheduled for December

This year's BIOTUR 2021 will open in Gibara.

Ecotur S.A., a travel agency specializing in ecotourism, will present a specialized workshop from December 13 to 15 in Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. The BIOTUR 2021 workshop will focus on Biological Diversity and Tourism, presenting the Island’s most spectacular natural tourism destinations in the eastern provinces of the Island.

The workshop will feature the Gibara tourist destination and La Mensura National Park in the Pinares de Mayari area of eastern Cuba. On December 13, the morning will be dedicated to welcome cocktails, accreditation, and presentations. The afternoon and the following two days will be excursions and visits to places of ecological interest.

According to the program from the Ecotur website, BIOTUR 2021 will begin on December 13, in the town of Gibara. The opening ceremony will be held at the Bahía del Almirante Hotel.

There will be a round of conferences and presentations of tourism products, commercial exchange, networking opportunities and tours of rural areas such as the Cerro Galano protected area, the Alcalá farm, the Cacoyugüín River, and Los Panaderos Cave. There will also be visits to the national parks of La Mensura, Pico Cristal, and Alejandro de Humboldt, with excursions to Farallones Cave, Salto del Guayabo, and other spectacular landscapes of the region.

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BIOTUR 2021 will be of interest to travel agents, their agencies and travelers interested in ecotourism programs in Cuba.

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