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Canadian Company Betting on Business in Cuba

WYM Group S.A. will open up a factory to manufacture cleaning products and tissue paper in the ZEDM at Mariel. Photo: Cuba Debate.

WYM Group, S.A., a Canadian company from the province of Quebec is betting on business in Cuba. The Company has been approved to manufacture and market tissue paper and cleaning products for 25 years in the Special Development Zone (ZEDM) at the Port of Mariel.

According to an article published on the Cubadebate website, the Cuban subsidiary of the Canadian company Group Wym INC, will produce multipurpose detergents and different types of paper products such as napkins, disposable tissues, kitchen towels and liquid detergents for domestic and commercial use.

The WYM Group plant will be located in Sector A of the ZEDM and will operate with high technology equipment and be able to generate part of the electrical energy through solar panels on its roof.

The products will be destined for export as well as to the national market, in as per the signed agreements between Cuba and the WYM Group.

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The new factory will source part of its raw materials from the national market, strengthening the productive linkages with the rest of the Cuban economy.

Likewise, in order to replace imports, the “Demos” toilet product line is being developed and marketed in Matanzas, the city which manufactures liquid soap in variants for floors, walls, washing clothes and dishwashing.

This news follows closely the announcement of the Spanish company, Profood Service, S.A., which recently opened in the ZED Mariel. Profood is produces and marketing food products, beverages and dispensing machines for the tourism industry.

ZED Mariel, which focuses on the development of foreign investment, has has accumulated more than $1,660 million dollars in investments since its opening five years ago.

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