Interviews conducted by Cuba Business Report with international representatives and leaders from government, NGOs, business, health, oil and gas, arts and culture sectors in Cuba. Our older interviews have been archived and are no longer available on Cuba Business Report.

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Interview with Cuban Economist Juan Triana


Juan Triana Cordoví, is a senior professor at the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Havana. He spoke with us on the eve before voters in Georgia headed to the polls in crucial Senate runoffs in the United States. In this interview, Mr. T... More »


Castro’s Spies: A European Perspective


On November 19, we spoke with Ollie Aslin (director/producer/editor) and Gary Lennon (director/producer) on their latest film Castro’s Spies, (Gambit Pictures 2020). The film had its World Premiere at the Cork International Film Festival and is screening at th... More »

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