Central Bank of Cuba Announces New Options for Sending Remittances

Transfers can be made Banco Metropolitano account holders.

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) has announced new options for sending remittances to Cuba. Transferring money to family has been next to impossible since the Trump administration shut down of Western Union offices, and the limitation of tourism during the pandemic.

To send money to Cuba, the Bank transfers must include the SWIFT code of the Banco Metropolitano (BMNBCUHH), the recipient’s first and last name as they appear in their identity document, CI number or passport, the exact residential address and phone number where they can be reached, the bank account number and the bank branch address in Cuba.

The BCC explained the new process recently in its Twitter account. Bank transfers can be made to Banco Metropolitano account holders.

The money transferred to the beneficiary in Cuba must be in the same currency as the recipient’s account.

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An alternative to a bank transfer is the Fincimex AIS card. The Central Bank of Cuba has published an updated list of the sites from which money can be sent through the Fincimex AIS cards.

These are the agencies offered by FINCIMEX:

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