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Construction Industry to Benefit from Cuban and Russian Partnership


The construction industry of Cuba will benefit from a recently formed International Economic Association (AEI) between a Russian company and Cubiza, the Central Equipment Company. Signing will take place later this year.

The Economic Association will facilitate investment in more advanced technologies for the transportation and lifting of heavy weights (cranes) in the industrial, tourism and scientific sectors.

Cubiza, founded in 1976, is a company of the Ministry of Construction. It provides lifting and load placement services, cranes, load transportation, indirect foundations, earth moving and equipment rental.

Isnel Delgado Montiel, the general director of Cubiza, told Granma newspaper that the economic association was based on new opportunities in foreign investment. The association will increase Cubiza’s hoisting and transportation capacity on the Island.

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“In Cuba we have lifting equipment of up to 160 tons and up to 150 tons in weight are transported, so this association would increase the lifting and transportation capacity of Cubiza in the national territory, however, extraordinary loads cannot be seen only by weight, but also by volume, height and distance,” said the executive.

This economic association will make it easier for the foreign company to be involved in the transportation of cargo from the source to the Cuban port.

It allows Cubiza to own a group of high-tech equipment for hoisting in transportation and high-capacity cargo, reducing and eliminating the need to lease from foreign companies paid in foreign currency.

According to Delgado, the company has the largest fleet of mobile cranes in Cuba with heavy lifting capacity, and indirect foundation service.

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He said the company would provide new services to the construction projects of the two cement factories, industrial work, tourism sector, the Special Development Zone of Mariel and the five power generation companies in Cuba.

Cubiza transports the equipment to its destination, assembling it at the commencement of operations.

Access to the markets and financing and for repair and spare parts such as rubber, batteries is another of the benefits of this economic association.

Delgado Montiel said in this manner the complete investment is assumed, preferential cost is given to the supplier and there is the possibility of winning bids.

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Information Source: Granma

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