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Cuba and France Strengthen Cooperation

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Homero Acosta Álvarez, Secretary of the National Assembly, held a meeting with Patrice Paoli, the French ambassador in Havana where they discussed topics of mutual interest.

In the meeting, described by Mr. Acosta as positive, common aspects for both governments were analyzed, particularly the legislative assemblies of both countries.

Acosta expressed interest in strengthening the working relations between both parliaments, and discussed topics such as climate change, health, agriculture, biotechnology, scientific research and sustainable development.

The Cuban politician referred to the increase of actions by the United States against the Island, in particular the Helms-Burton Act Title III regulation and highlighted the position of France in favor of ending this policy.

Recently Ricardo Cabrisas, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba, and the French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade and Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, confirmed the good state of the bilateral relations and the will to promote them in a visit made by Cabrisas to Paris.

Lemoyne confirmed the willingness of the French Government to expand links with Cuba and to promote actions that favor business and entrepreneurial exchanges.

Last December, France and Cuba confirmed their interest in strengthening bilateral relations, in connection with the fourth session of the Economic and Commercial Commission, from which three new cooperation agreements emerged.

France is among Cuba’s top 10 trading partners and is one of the main tourism markets to the island where 170,000 visitors arrived last year.

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