Cuba Business Report Celebrates its Eighth Anniversary

We celebrate 8 years online. Photo: The 200th anniversary celebration in Cienfuegos, Fireworks by Fireworks FX and used with permission.

This month Cuba Business Report celebrates eight years online. For those eight years, we have focused on foreign investment and economic development from the global perspective on Cuba. That’s it.

The “global perspective.” This is important for us. We view Cuba not through the eyes of one country but through the eyes of the world.

The last eight years have been a roller coaster. From the crazy heights of “what could have been” during the Obama presidency to the descent into the dark ages of the Trump and Biden eras.

Then came the pandemic. Not good for anyone.

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In 2021, our website was hacked for three months straight. The hacker changed our payment system to send payments to an American company. This “person” attempted to destroy the website in many other ways.

As a result, we changed web hosting companies and then lost our SSL certificate because of the word “Cuba” in our website name. The web hosting company that made the change broke our website links by changing them from HTTPS to HTTP. (More on http/https protocols here). The only way to get it back was to make a U.S. Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Certificate with all of its absurd declarations.

One of our major achievements has been to endure the roller coaster ride.

Our other activities include media partnerships for major events on the Island. Recently, we partnered with the annual Habana Clasica festival. Among our other collaborations, the U.K.’s Global Event Partners chose our publication to promote the CUPET Conferences. In 2016, we assisted with New Energy Events for the Energy & Infrastructure Finance Summit.

We also started a trend in talking to Cuba, the concept of the interview. Over the last eight years, we have interviewed international government representatives and business leaders involved in business with Cuba from various industrial sectors. We held conversations with people from the cultural sphere: the artists, the musicians, and the actors. Other websites, recognizing a good thing when they saw it, followed suit. We are flattered.

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We would like to thank the people who have written for Cuba Business Report. These contributors are experts on Cuba and have generously donated their time and knowledge.

We do not receive any funding from any source to publish Cuba Business Report. We rely on advertising revenues, subscriptions, and donations to achieve our goal.

There are obvious advantages to not receiving funding from any source. There are also disadvantages. Among the advantages, we have complete freedom in our editorial policy. Information is essential to decision-making. Journalists often let hidden agendas and funders influence their coverage of Cuba. By avoiding these kinds of obligations, we provide the most objective business reporting possible.
But this stance of not accepting funding is tough. We rely on generous donations and subscriptions to support the production of our journalism.

Now, more than ever, the world needs unbiased reporting from the international perspective on business in Cuba.

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We thank you for your support.

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