Cuban Boxers Carrying on the Tradition of Boxing Supremacy

Boxing gym in Havana, from the most basic training, young Cuban boxers with talent go on to specialized training schools. Photo: Cuba Business Report staff

In Cuba, the boxers are heroes.  Beyond the borders of this small island nation, boxing is probably one of the most popular sports in the world as evidenced by the world’s admiration for the late champion Muhammad Ali. When Ali was world champ in the boxing world, Cuba’s amateur boxer Teófilo Stevenson Lawrence was winning gold medals at the Olympics. Boxing pits two athletes in a competition to match strength, strategy and endurance. And sweat.  Cuba is a leader in the boxing world, most recently seen with the gold performances of its star boxing champs at the Rio Olympics.  There’s something raw, gritty and esthetic in the way they train, they dance about the ring in performance.  Why do boxers from this country achieve such unparalleled success?  Cuba must be doing something correct in the training of boxers which produces such stellar results.  Cuban boxers lead in the sport of boxing for a combination of reasons. Cubans have been known as supreme boxers since 1920’s when Eligio “Kid Chocolate” Sardiñas, became world champion of professional boxing and won world titles in the lightweight and welterweight divisions.  From the early 1960s, Cuba began claiming medals at the Olympics and in boxing,…


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