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Cuba Cell Phones

The Cuban company GEDEME began developing and manufacturing Cuba cell phones with Cuban components in 2021.

Update to this article, January 5, 2020: The year 2019 saw the extension of digital services for telephones and internet access. Cuba shows the highest growth in services globally. 4G technology became a reality in Havana and other cities across the Island. By December, there were six million cell phone users, 100% digitalization of phone services achieved, and over six million people have internet access.

Throughout this article, you can read the progress of the internet and telephone services in Cuba. It’s been quite an achievement to move from a country with little internet access and telephone services in 2014 to full service in 2019. It’s still a good idea to take an unlocked phone to Cuba. You can purchase a SIM card from ETECSA in your name for your phone.

BLU Cell Phones (Amazon)

BLU J9L J0090WW 32GB Dual Sim GSM Unlocked Android Smartphone - BlackBLU C5L MAX | 2023 | All-Day Battery | Unlocked | 5.7” Display | 16/2GB |US Version | US Warranty | BlackBLU C5 Max | 2022 | Long Lasting Battery | Unlocked | 5.7” HD+ Display | 16GB | 5MP Camera | US Warranty (Black) $55.99

We’ve added some new phones here for your next trip. Buy one for your trip and to gift to your family or friends in Cuba.

Huawei Cell Phones (Amazon)

HUAWEI P40 Lite Dual SIM 4G JNY-LX2 128GB 6GB RAM International Version - (Crush Green)Huawei P30 Pro Dual/Hybrid-SIM 128GB VOG-L29 (GSM Only, No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 4G/LTE Smartphone - International Version (Black)Huawei P30 128GB+6GB RAM (ELE-L29) 6.1" LTE Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone (International Version) - Breathing Crystal (Renewed)

ETECSA began testing the 4G network in Havana on March 8, 2019.  The 4G network can now be accessed with a frequency of 1800 MHz FDD.  As you know, 80% of mobile phone manufacturers use this standard, so the probability that the mobile phone purchased will have access to LTE 1800 MHz FDD is most likely.

Back in November 2015, the Chinese hi tech company Huawei Technologies signed a deal with ETECSA to provide training, replacement parts and smartphones.  This means an unlocked Huawei smartphone works in Cuba.  Huawei is also involved in a major broadband fibre optic project in Havana.

Huawei released a smartphone in April where they partnered with the world’s best camera company, Leica.  The new P9 by Huawei caused stiff competition for Apple’s iPhone and Samsung markets.  The P9 retailed for about €449 for 3GB of RAM.  So if your smartphone is your main tool for capturing great photos while traveling, we’d recommend an unlocked Huawei phone in Cuba.  We’ve added Huawei phones to the list of phones to use in Cuba.  Make sure you buy an unlocked phone that has  the capability to work with the Cuban network.

The Huawei phones are made in China by the Huawei Corporation which manufactures quality smartphones and is, increasingly, posing stiff competition to the iPhone and Samsung market leaders.

Prior to this year,  Cuba’s network was the 2G mobile network GSM 900 and UMTS 2100, a second-generation of cellular telephone technology. For a smartphone to function in Cuba, it has to be compatible to Cuba’s network carrier.

We like the unlocked BLU and Huawei phones best for travel to the Island.  Unlocked iPhones and Samsungs also work. Here’s our recommended Samsung phones:

Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones (Amazon)

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 FE Cell Phone, 128GB, Unlocked Android Smartphone, Long Battery Life, Premium Processor, Tough Gorilla Glass Display, Hi-Res 50MP Camera, US Version, 2023, (Cream)SAMSUNG Galaxy A14 (SM-A145P/DS) Dual SIM,128GB + 4GB, Factory Unlocked GSM, International Version (Fast Car Charger Bundle) - No Warranty - BlackSAMSUNG Galaxy A54 5G A Series Cell Phone, Unlocked Android Smartphone, 128GB, 6.4” Fluid Display Screen, Pro Grade Camera, Long Battery Life, Refined Design, US Version, 2023, Awesome Black

These Cuba cell phones are affordable, attractive and unlocked and will function in Cuba and elsewhere (check out the mobile network for individual carriers elsewhere).  Most of these phones come with dual SIM card capacity whereby you can simply switch between your home SIM card and your Cuban SIM card.  Mobile phones with the unlocked dual sim card feature are excellent for traveling if you’re always on the go.  Use your local SIM card in one slot and a Cuban SIM card in the other.  Switch calls between SIM cards as needed.

A Cuban SIM card can be purchased through most ETECSA offices. It costs about $40 US.

These unlocked Cuba cell phones are made by BLU (Bold Like Us), a corporation in Miami. BLU manufactures and sells these mobile devices in over 40 countries worldwide. You can also find BLU mobile phones in Cuba, but the price will be higher.

These Cuba cell phones operate on the Android operating system and are Nauta (Cuba’s email system) compatible –  if you’re planning to purchase a phone for friend or family in Cuba. 

Before you leave this page, one of the best recommendations is to bring a power bank recharger because of power outages. It’s compact and perfect for travel. Recharge your phone on the go! Look for a high speed charging power bank, compatible with iPhone, Samsung, BLU Android, LG, etc.

Power Bank Rechargers

Note:  You’ll pay much less if you buy a Cuba cell phone from Amazon prior to traveling. Free shipping is available with a minimum purchase or Prime account.

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