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Automotive Sector

Cuba Goes Shopping for Cars

There's probably at least 100 imported cars parked in this lot at the Port of Havana.

I got really excited about something recently that most other people might find rather boring.  Perhaps the most banal things get me going these days.  What got me excited?  I saw at least 100 new cars parked in a lot at the Port of Havana.  The excitement made me jump out of the car, run across the street dodging traffic, to take a photo.  Most tourists in Havana take photos of the classical American cars from the 1950s, the architecture, or the breathtaking sunsets over the Malecón.  Not me.  I’ve been taking photos of very ordinary objects like fridges, stoves, buses, tractors, and cars.  These are the things that have fascinated me lately. Recently I was driving along the Avenida del Puerto in Regla, a suburb/barrio of Havana.  Regla, which borders the entire Port of Havana, could easily be described as non-spectacular.  There are many factories here so it’s probably the industrial zone of the city, but I’ve never confirmed this.  I can only say there aren’t many tourist attractions in Regla, it’s just an alternative route into Havana when perhaps, the tunnel is closed due to flooding or road work. There’s also the Old Port of Havana in Regla. …


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