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Cuba Promotes Foreign Investment Projects in Telecommunications

Cuba is promoting telecommunications projects for foreign investment.

Cuba is promoting four new large-scale projects in the telecommunications sector in its Portfolio of Opportunities for Foreign Investors 2020-2021 to achieve further development, advancement and innovation within the industry.

The four investment projects include a call center, an information technology center, network infrastructure construction and a postal technology acquisition project.

Call Center Investment

A call center for the export of services will provide inbound, outbound, digital (chat), audio-visual (social media), and other services to meet the needs of the international market.

Cuba is seeking a foreign investor company with experience in the call center industry for consulting, assembly and operation and services for the call center industry. The potential investor must have an international market and a network of companies that will enable export growth.

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The project forecasts the creation of 200 jobs in the beginning and an increase to 500 jobs in the future. The Cubans will provide the staff, and the foreign partner the necessary ICT technology.

The proposed investment is a joint venture in the Playa de la Habana district where many of the Cuban and foreign corporate offices are located.

The total investment is valued at US $5 million. The investment recovery period is estimated at approximately four years. At the end of five years, US$ 35 million is forecast in export sales.

The major markets are Latin America, Canada, Spain and European countries.

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Information Technology Service Center

The IT Service Center investment will provide development, management and support services for applications, information technology and business processes. The foreign party will have a market to enable the execution of international projects.

In addition, the center will offer services such as consulting, testing, data mining, and data processing. Also included in the planned scope of this project are after-sales services and first, second and third-level support.

The primary target markets for this investment are the European Union, Canada, India, Mexico and Latin America.

This investment is a Joint Venture and the total investment for approximately US $10 million.

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Its location will be in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana.

Mexico, Chile and other Latin America countries have experience in outsourcing IT services and are familiar with Cuban IT knowledge and experience.

The development of IT services based on outsourcing such as off-shore is expected. An investment recovery period of three years is foreseen with estimated revenues of over US$ 51 million dollars in export sales expected.

Network Infrastructure Construction

The construction of a communications network infrastructure is a project aimed at developing broadband connectivity in Cuba. It also supports the implementation of the “Integral Policy for the Improvement of the Quality of Life,” and further assists the development of sectors such as tourism, health, industry, banking, railroads and universities.

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This project is a Joint Venture with Cuba. It will be located in the Plaza de la Revolución, Havana.

The potential national market includes not only the national market but also the business sector to expand the infrastructure of access networks to meet the demand.

This project intends to achieve the infrastructure necessary to guarantee broadband connectivity required in Cuba for the next 10 years.

Postal Technology Acquisition Project

An investment project to modernize the technological process of development and updating of postal printing technology for processing, distribution and delivery of postal parcels and stamp printing philatelic products, and entering the international market for the commercialization of these products for an investment of an estimated US $3 million.

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The project is a Joint Venture, to be located in the Plaza de la Revolución district in Havana.

Latin America, the Caribbean, and African countries are identified as the potential markets.

The investment is valued at US $3 million. An approximate payback period of two years is foreseen and, after the third year, estimated export sales are approximately US $9 million.

Technology and telecommunications projects for foreign investors in Cuba, is a sector in which their participation is limited at the present time.

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