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Health Care Sector

Cuba Promotes Its Medical Tourism Services

Medical research and development in Cuba has produced many new medications. Now medical tourism programs promoted by SMC make these medications available to foreigners.

In a presentation on Friday in Havana, Dr. Jorge Alberto Miranda, President of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. (CSMC, S.A.) (SMC) and deputy of the National Assembly said that a new medical tourism service will offer a discount on basic medical checkups. This special promotion starts on September 15th and will run until October 31st.

Dr. Miranda also stated that Cuba has the right conditions to expand its services to foreigners rapidly, offering the strengths of the Cuban healthcare system already available to Cubans.

The discount basic medical checkup will take place in the patient’s hotel where an office is situated for the medical specialist to offer the basic medical checkup.

Other additional services to be included are a complete hematology, EKG, ultrasound, gynecology for women and prostate examination for men.

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With 16 offices throughout the country except for the provinces of Artemisa, Mayabeque and the Isle of Youth, SMC offers a wide range of medical services as well as academic courses for post-graduate training for medical students. SMC’s medical programs include:

  • Medical services in Cuba
  • Academic services in health sciences
  • Quality of life, health and welfare services
  • Medical tourism services
  • Health services associated with optical, pharmaceutical, natural and traditional medicine products
  • Services associated with scientific events
  • Professional services abroad in the field of medical and health services.

SMC medical services has contracts with 22 countries offering medical tourism to Cuba. It also has contracts with 150 travel agencies on the island as well as strategic alliances with the Ministries of Tourism, Higher Education, BioCubaFarma, Sports Institute and Public health.

Dr. Miranda also announced a therapeutic-preventive program for ulcers and complex wounds with Heberprot-P treatment in combination with other medications discovered as a result of Cuban medical research and development.

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Health Care Sector

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Health Care Sector

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