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Cuba Tourism Stats – August 31, 2023

Cuba’s international tourist arrivals grew in August reaching 1,666,484 visitors for 2023. The total figure represents an increase of 129.8% from the same period last year.

During the pandemic, global tourism shut down dramatically. Cuba, which lifted COVID-19 travel restrictions in early 2022, has since experienced a recovery, although slower than other Caribbean destinations.

Tourism, a critical component of the economy, continues to rebound after extensive pandemic disruptions.

International Tourist Arrivals – Top 10 Countries:

  • Canada: 675,995
  • Cubans living abroad: 241,055
  • United States: 111,062
  • Russia: 106,531
  • Spain: 62,415
  • Germany: 45,318
  • France: 40,516
  • Mexico 40,141
  • Italy: 37,700
  • United Kingdom: 35,053
  • Other countries: 270,698

Canadians still represent the largest tourism market in Cuba. It is reasonable to assume that the number of Canadian tourists who have visited this year (675,995) will easily reach one million by year-end.

Cubans living abroad, the second largest group of tourists, are also expected to increase by year-end, especially during the Christmas-New Year’s season.

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American tourists are the third largest group traveling to Cuba, despite US restrictions. They must visit under a special license. Unfortunately, US citizens may not visit Cuba for tourism purposes or stay in the hotels.

In 2022, Cuba welcomed 1.6 million, less than the original projections for that year. Already surpassing 2022’s numbers, it is safe to predict that over two million tourists will make Cuba their vacation destination by year-end.

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