Cuba Welcomes 2020 Celebrating 61 Years of Revolution

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This week, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called on Cuban citizens to celebrate the achievements of their country despite the adversities the nation continues to face.

On Twitter, Diaz-Canel mentioned the challenge is to achieve as much prosperity as possible in spite of the economic, financial and commercial tensions instigated by increasing U.S. sanctions against Cuba. The focus for this new year is the development of the Cuban economy.

Congratulations flowed in from around the world from foreign governments and individuals wishing Cuba peace and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Cuba’s president called on citizens to work and think as a country and to resist the external onslaught aiming to destabilize the process of the Revolution which commenced on January 1, 1959, led by former president Fidel Castro.

Cuba welcomes 2020 with the premise that the Revolution continues to triumph and the Island will continue the struggle for self-determination on the road to development.

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