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Cubanacán and Siboney Clinic Partner to Launch an Anti-Aging Wellness Club

Siboney International Clinic, Cubanacán Group, and La Pradera launch "Club 15 Años Menos," a strategic alliance to create a new health and wellness tourism package for Cubans and international tourists alike. Photo: Siboney International Clinic

The market launch of the “Club 15 Años Menos,” a strategic alliance between the Cubanacán Group and Siboney International Clinic took place at the Marina Hemingway on August 6. The anti-aging and wellness club is a new quality of life program, designed for Cuban and international clients seeking improved health and wellness experiences.

This unique program will operate out of the Marina Hemingway residential complex. Club memberships provides members with meals, pool activities, spa services, weight reduction and anti-aging cosmetic treatments at the harbor front of the Marina.

Yamili Aldama Valdés, president of the Cubanacán Group, said that the anti-aging and wellness club is open to “national and international clients for the enjoyment of a first class service with total quality.”

Three villas at the Paraiso residential complex are designated as the massage and treatment areas with a gym facility and solarium facing the water front to create a calm and peaceful effect, “because we want clients to leave feeling rejuvenated,” said the Cubanacán president.

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The benefits of membership include preferential rates at houses in the residential complex for members and their families. Clients can also receive a 50% discount on hotels located in the Marina if that location is preferred.

Aldama said that “this type of product is something new that has emerged from the initiative of the Group’s own advertisements to offer our customers something that allows them a satisfaction from a quality of life perspective.”

In the future, Cubanacan is considering the possibility of expanding the anti-aging and wellness club to such as locations as the Ciénaga de Zapata in Matanzas and the Segundo Frente hotel in Santiago de Cuba. Both of these hotels are set in idyllic locations, known for their natural surroundings, tranquility and fresh air, all of which produces results to well-being and health.

Consultations for wellness treatments and cosmetology will be provided by the highly qualified specialists from the Siboney International Clinic, an exclusive clinic in Havana offering quality of life, cosmetology treatment programs, dentistry and emergency health services.

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The director of the Clinic Dr. Maria Isabel Martínez Martín told the press that the clinic takes a health plus beauty approach in their quality of life programs which encompass physical training on modern gym equipment, diet consultation, advanced natural-aesthetic treatments (aparatology), cosmetology treatments, natural facial and body treatments, vitamin supplementation and natural and traditional medicine, body and facial massage, cosmetic dentistry, weight reduction programs, foot reflexology, anti-aging treatments and stress management programs. The gym is open 24 hours everyday including weekends.

The Siboney Clinic has worked with the Cubanacán Group to develop this new wellness tourism product combining anti-aging solutions, health and beauty services based on the programs already offered at the Clinic.

Maria Adela Mejias Jiménez, director of marketing at the Cubanacán Group, emphasized the club’s concept of “partnering quality of life and well-being programs for leisure and recreation.”

Skincare and health products such as Moringa, ozone soaps, and other naturally derived formulations can be purchased on club days to be used at home. The anti-aging club members will be also able to attend seminars on various topics related to health, receive massage services, podiatry, and specialized cosmetology (after a consultation).

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Services will be available at Building number 7003 in which the spa, solarium and gym are located. Lunch is provided at the Solarium in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility overlooking a view of the sea front.

Club 15 Anos Menos operates every Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Correction: We originally reported that “Club 15 Años Menos” was the result of a strategic alliance between the Cubanacán Group, the Siboney International Clinic and La Pradera International. We were wrong and apologize. La Pradera was not a part of the project. Only the Cubanacán Group and the Siboney International Clinic worked together to create the “Club 15 Años Menos.” This article has been updated to reflect this.

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