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Health Care Sector

Cuba’s 75% Success Rate in Curing Childhood Cancer

Cuba is curing more than 75% of childhood cancer. Photo: Youtube.

As early as 2014, Cuban cancer specialists such as Dr. Sergio Machín, hematology specialist and clinical pediatrician at the Hematology and Immunology Institute (IHI) were reporting a greater than 75% success rate in the curing of childhood cancer. Childhood leukemia is the most commonly seen cancer in children. Cuba’s cancer treatment success rates are on par with those of developed nations despite the U.S. economic blockade. The following article was first published on the news website  It has been translated by our staff. In the Cuban health system more than 75% of children affected by different types of cancer manage to heal and lead a normal life, according to data offered by the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR) in Havana.Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Dr. Jesús de los Santos Renó, in charge of the children’s cancer ward at INOR, visits all of his young patients at the beginning of each day and reviews his clinical history to keep track of progress. “It sustains our love for what we do,” says Dr. Renó, who emphasizes the importance of vocation in treating children with malignant diseases. INOR’s young patients cannot attend school as healthy children, but they have a…


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