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Cuba’s First Automated Poultry Farm Opens in Pinar del Rio

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Cuba’s first automated poultry farm opened up in Pinar del Rio. The farm is located in the municipality of Consolación del Sur. It is expecting the first delivery of 56,000 hens.

Pedro Luis Pino Noval, director of the Poultry Company of Pinar del Rio told the Cuban media that production expects to yield 4.6 million eggs by the end of this year and to produce 15.7 million each year.

The Poultry Company predicts the production of 290 eggs per chicken each year, a higher number of eggs per bird occurs on traditional poultry farms.

The farm will complete biosecurity verification shortly.

Full capacity of the poultry farms is estimated at 72,000 hens, 42 birds per square meter, more than the 12 hens per square meter on traditional farms.

The state-of the-art technology provides a controlled environment with two izopaneles, sensors and air extractors, and equipment that provides a cool and pleasant environment inside the hen houses.

The production processes are automated and do not require massive labor. Human contact only begins at the stage of packaging to avoid contamination. Automation provides for the distribution of feed, egg and excrement extraction, and light and water delivery.

The modern poultry farm replaces an earlier poultry farm which was destroyed by hurricanes in the past.

A well-trained staff of 22 workers are employed at the farm.

Another modern automated poultry farm is currently under construction in Camagüey

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