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Cuba’s Tobacco Industry

The Cuban tobacco industry generates huge profits for Cuba. Here, a Cuban tobacco farmer displays the uncurled tobacco leaves.

The tobacco industry is one of Cuba’s top agricultural industries.  Last year, tobacco exports brought in a total of $257 million, accounting for 17.4% of total exports.  Industry experts predict the demand for Cuban cigars and tobacco will attain greater market share in the upcoming years in spite of competition from countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and Ecuador. Cigarette and cigar production is on an upward trend.  Annually, some 15 billion cigarettes are manufactured and sold to the national market and exported overseas.  Almost 300 million premium brand, hand-rolled cigars are produced each year.  Of this, 100 million are for export.  Machine manufactured cigars are a part of the manufacturing numbers, of which 90% are destined for export. Cuban cigars have a strong global reputation built on quality, luxury and taste.  Famous cigar smokers such as Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro and John F. Kennedy have contributed to the reputation of Cuban cigars.  No matter where in the world you are, quality Cuban cigars can be purchased at the finest stores.  Popular brands include the Cohiba, Romeo and Juliet, Partagás, the Montecristo and Upmann.  The appealing aroma, texture and color of the product, explains why Cuban cigars are so popular. …


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