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Desoft Focuses on the Export of Software Services

Desoft aims to enter the global export market of software services. Photo: Pixabay

Cuban IT company Desoft is focused on entering the highly competitive market of software services exports worldwide. Cuban IT sector companies are now taking the first steps in this foreign trade activity. Desoft is at the forefront of this advancement.

According to local media, Desoft’s general director Luis Guillermo Fernández Pérez said they have found a reservoir of capabilities based on human capital, whose specialists are masters of the technologies demanded by the international market. DeSoft specialists are already working for countries as far away as Saudi Arabia.

Fernández Pérez confirmed that although the aspiration is to export products, professional services have been the way to enter this activity. At present, 15 employees work from Cuba for other markets.

Desoft’s CEO commented that in order to market overseas, the organization infrastructure must be transformed to meet the levels of quality and efficiency demanded by the sector, as well as having highly trained software professionals to lead in the new roles.

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At the end of 2020, the Informatics and Communications Business Group (GEIC) resumed export of software services to Spain, an activity previously halted by the impact of the pandemic. Desoft has a team of five specialists working with a Spanish client through the approval of the activity by the forms of non-state management.

To date, GEIC entities Softel, Solintel and Desoft have been approved to provide foreign trade services to the private sector.


Desoft is also focused on software projects and training, in line with the computerization of society. In February, the company announced a new program to enable electronic billing and payment for water and sanitation services, to be available throughout Cuba. The application is set to launch this July after completing the testing phase.

The company is now 20 years old and provides employment to 1,800 software specialists.

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