ETECSA Announces Cuts to Internet Fees

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ETECSA announces cuts to internet access fees for Nauta’s international accounts as of October 30, 2017. An internet connection will now cost 1.00 CUC for a one hour Nauta connection. Internet cards can be purchased at the following rates: 30 minutes card $0.50 CUC; 1-hour card $1.00 CUC and 5-hour card $5.00 CUC. For Cubans with a Nauta email account, the storage capacity has been increased to 100 MB from the previous 50 MB. These rate reductions will increase internet connectivity for more Cuban citizens. Cuba’s Communications Minister Maimir Mesa said that 36 percent or 4 million Cubans now have access to the Internet. The Minister also said that two million people in Cuba now have Nauta email accounts. After a trial run for home…




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