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ETECSA Announces Price Reduction in Nauta Hogar Rate

Internet browsing just got cheaper for Nauta Hogar clients. Image:

Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) announced a price reduction for its Nauta Hogar prepaid service. The price cut began yesterday at midnight.

After account holders have used the 30 hours of their prepaid contract and still have a balance, internet browsing will cost 0.50 CUC per hour, a reduction in the fee from the previous 1 CUC per hour.

The change only applies to Nauta Hogar accounts associated with the Nauta prepaid home service. The new price for internet browsing is available 24/7 from anywhere after the 30 hours of the month have been used up.

Customers must have a balance in their account. If a customer has no balance in their account, the Nauta account must be recharged. Customers can recharge their Nauta prepaid home service with Nauta recharge coupons, direct recharges at ETECSA offices and through telecommunications agents and licensed international distributors.

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Customers need to charge the Nauta Hogar service. The discount does not include Nauta Postpaid accounts.

ETECSA states this is a permanent change and is not a special promotion.

The new prices can be used in internet cafes, a WiFi browsing areas or Nauta at home.

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