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ETECSA Offers New Internet Plans to Software Programmers

ETECSA's new internet connectivity plans for licensed computer programmers. Photo: Lukas from Pexels

ETECSA (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A.) announced two new offers to self-employed computer software programmers (TCP) in possession of the “Computer Equipment Programmers” license. The new plans are to improve internet access and productivity of self-employed workers in the Technology sector.

The two new plans increase in the number of hours of internet access provided by the Nauta Hogar service. Connectivity will be increased from 240 to 480 hours of connectivity.

The new ADSL internet service will be made available at a flat rate. Application for these plans are available by email with the required documents attached. Payment for the new internet service plans offered by ETECSA can be made directly from the User Portal or by Transfermóvil, telecommunications agents, banks, post offices or at any ETECSA office.

The ADSL Internet access plan is a broadband connection that works through the copper wires of existing phone lines and is used for home broadband and for small businesses.

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ETECSA’s new ADSL internet plan includes the installation and data service that permanently interconnect the computer network to other networks.

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