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Questions about doing business in Cuba or anything else on Cuba for that matter?  Post them here.  We’ll answer them as soon as possible.

If you have a question about doing business in Cuba, please make this a general question only.  If you have more specific questions and wish for a private reply – please contact us here.

We receive lots of inquiries which we feel are common questions more than just one person is interested in knowing the answer to.  All questions are moderated before publication.

We are not able to answer inquiries personally so check back here frequently to see if your question has been answered.

FAQ from our readers:

Karen E from NYC, NY asked:

Would you be able to email me the number of US tourists that traveled to Cuba in 2016? Do you have the breakdown by individuals, groups, cruises and air bnb?  Thank you.  Sincerely

CBR replied:  We cannot provide individual requests for research at this point in time, but you can find some of this information in our article Four Million Tourists Visited Cuba in 2016. This article will lead you to other articles on our website with tourism stats.

Jay R., from Kitchener, Ontario, asked:

Hi how do I go about trying to open a new business in Cuba ?

CBR replied:  You’ll find the best explanation of how to open a business in Cuba in our article “How to Invest in Cuba”  It explains how to set up a business in Cuba, the documents and process involved.

Nicholas N of Swaziland asked:
I want to further my studies in Sports Management.
Pls advise me

CBR replied: All Cuban schools have an international office for foreign students.  You will be able to find more direction from the Cuban embassy or Consulate in your city/country.  Also read more about INDER – Cuba’s National Institute of Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation that runs the sports educational system in Cuba, here.  I would suggest contacting them.

Sara N., Serbia, asked:
So if I decided to invest in some business in Cuba, first at all I have to move there, I have to buy a house, but that is impossible for foreign citizens.
Now I am asking where is solution for this basic problem?

CBR replied:  There are properties in Cuba that foreigners can purchase or rent.  More are being constructed for this purpose.  Also, you can come to an arrangement with someone to renovate a house and live in it.  Also possible, but not without risk – buy the property with the Cuban.  The Cuban’s name will be on the property title.  However, the situation could change rapidly.

Sergei, Canada, asked:
Good morning,
I was wondering whether you may have available the Portfolio of Opportunities for Foreign Investment 2016 issue? Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

CBR replied: The 2016 – 2017 Investment Opportunities can be found on our Resources page here

TS of Picton, Canada asked:
Can a Cuban have more than one Nauta account?
The situation arose with a dual sim phone.
My friend was told one account per person.
Would one account per SIM be more correct?
Thanks in advance

CBR replied:  Yes, a Cuban can have more than one SIM card from Nauta – but two is the maximum. Each costs 40 CUC.

JD of Durham, United Kingdom asked:
What is the best business to see a return on investments in cuba. And can you invest small amounts

CBR replied:  JD, thanks for contacting us. There are many possibilities for investment that will bring a return in time. Our favorites: Renewable energy, tourism and pharmaceuticals. Oil has been sounding pretty exciting lately.

To your second question, the answer is that you can invest in smaller amounts with one of the big investors already doing business in Cuba or you could find a Cuban entrepreneur to partner with in their small business venture.  To be a small investor in one of the larger Cuban investment opportunities, you would have to speak to someone in the trade department at the Cuban embassy of your country.

Angelo from Miami asked:
i have a web travelagenci and l like to know the price for a banners in your web ..tell me price and time..thank

CBR replied:  Our advertising rates can be found by contacting us here on our Advertising page.  We offer a variety of advertising possibilities.

Martha asked:
I was wondering if you could help me with information related to Pharmaceutical Market in Cuba, like:
Imports, exports, investments, top companies that produce in Cuba, legal requirements to manufacture pharmaceuticals products? or do you know who can I ask?

The main goal of this research is to do an analysis that can show to our board the potencial or not of this market that could lead to an investment in sales for this market.

CBR replied:  Martha thank for your inquiry. We will contact you privately and connect you with the people who can help you with this research/analysis of the industry.

Marlene R. asked:
Can you recommend a good travel agency to arrange a trip to Cuba?  I live in Chicago.

CBR replied: Yes, but we won’t recommend publicly, we will contact you privately.

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