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FIHAV Havana International Trade Fair November 2015

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FIHAV Havana International Trade Fair November 2015 The FIHAV is the annual international trade fair held at the ExpoCuba Exhibition Complex in Havana every November. The 33rd edition of FIHAV will take place from November 2, 2015 – November 7, 2015  at the Expocuba fairground in Havana. In 2014, approximately 82 countries attended FIHAV. If you are planning on doing business in Cuba, you should not miss attending FIHAV Havana. Attendance at FIHAV trade fair is not optional, it is a prerequisite for those who wish to expand into the Cuban market or startup a business in Cuba. The fair targets international business people. This is the most important trade fair in Cuba – with more than 82 countries participating. Booth spaces can be arranged…




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