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First Stop in the Havana Art World


If you are planning an upcoming trip to Cuba and possess an avid interest in experiencing the Cuban art scene, your first stop in in the Havana art world should be a visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes).  The recent changes in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is exciting news for the American art collector.

“The anticipated diplomatic thaw, along with a possible lifting or easing of the decades-long U.S. embargo, could transform how U.S. artists and cultural organizations can operate in Cuba — and how Cuban artists and their respective groups can work in the U.S.” (LA Times)

So the changes are good news for those interested in viewing and collecting Cuban art. The best advice for first time visitors is to tour the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana.  A tour of the gallery and its works with an experienced tour guide in the field of Cuban art is recommended. In this way, a greater understanding can be achieved.  The art work can then be explained to you in full.  It will give an understanding of the history and experience of Cuba as seen through the eyes of the artist.  Nowhere else will you find a more truthful tale of the true history and experience of Cuba.  After a first visit to the National gallery,  there’s many smaller art galleries in Havana.

The National Museum of Fine Arts is located at: Calle Trocadero, e/Av. De la Belgica (Misiones/Egido/Monserrate) y Calle Agramonte (Zelueta), Centro. It is within walking distance of the Hotel Parque Central in Old Havana.

The current exhibit at the time of writing is “Cómo lo vemos a Usted (y cómo now ven)” (How We See You) (and How They See Us), a stunning a stunning collection of black and white photographs of Cuban faces.  In the past,  some of Cuba’s greatest artists such as Eduardo Ponjuán and photographers Yamela Pineiro and Jeffrey Cardenas have exhibited in the National Museum of Fine Arts.

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