France’s SNCF Deal to Revitalize the Cuban Railway

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A recent investment involving France’s SNCF with the Railways Union of Cuba (UFC) in a railway project development to revitalize workshops at Camagüey and Luyanó could prove vital to the overall rehabilitation of the island nation’s transportation infrastructure, according to comments made by the SNCF president Dominique Vastel. Representatives from the SNFC and the UFC have created a financial framework that provides for an infusion of €40 million worth of much-needed capital.  The original agreement was signed on March 16 in Havana. During a recent tour of workshops located in the French city of Longueau, Vastel stated that the Camagüey will receive upgrades in order to maintain Chinese-built locomotives while technicians in Luyanó will focus on passenger car repairs. Approximately €30 million will come from the…




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