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Germany Steps Up Renewable Energy Collaboration with Cuba

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Despite the limitations of the Covid pandemic, Germany and Cuba continue developing bilateral relations in key sectors of the economy of the Island. This time it is in the sector of clean energy production from renewable sources.

A virtual meeting sponsored by the German Office for the Promotion of Trade and Investment in Cuba took place with the participation of Heidrun Tempel, the German Ambassador in Havana, and Omar de Jesus Fernandez, Secretary-General of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.

Eight German renewable energy companies are seeking to work with the island to promote renewable energy, according to a local tv broadcast.

Cuba has great potential as it has the conditions to develop wind, solar, hydro and biomass sources, from both sugarcane and non sugarcane.

According to Cuba’s Renewable Energy Development Program 2030, the nation plans to increase clean energy output to 24 percent production from renewable resources.

Marlenis Águila, a specialist at the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), said the importance of this meeting was to take advantage of German technology and development with the participation of national industry.

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The German company EFF Solar S.A. has installed an 8.6 hectares photovoltaic solar park in the municipality of San Antonio de las Vegas. The solar park will generate a total of 5 MW of power, in cooperation with the Cuban Electric Industry.

Hans-Jurgen, EFF’s representative in Cuba, pointed out that the construction takes into account the country’s weather conditions and can resist the impact of Category 5 hurricanes.

The installation will allow a saving of 2400 MT of oil, a scarce resource in the island.

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