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Gibara International Film Festival

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Once known as the Cine Pobre Festival, the officially renamed Gibara International Film Festival is scheduled to begin July 1 and run until July 7 of this year. The Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC), the Government of Holguin, and Government of Gibara, join forces to support the International Film Festival of Gibara. This year’s festival takes place later in the year because of hurricane recovery efforts.  This is the 14th edition of the Film Festival.

It is perhaps one of the most unique and fascinating film festivals in the world.  For the inhabitants of Gibara, it is a very special event.  It put this quiet sleepy town on the map and brings the world to its streets, its restaurants, its door steps.

Humberto Solás, the Cuban filmmaker, was inspired to create the event to unite a wider spectrum of communication between the arts and to blur the lines between the marginalized and mainstream.  Gibara was the place, because of its special light, that he chose to film one of his cinematic masterpieces, Lucia.

Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría has been the Festival’s president for many years.

Competition Categories:

-Feature film
-Short fiction
-Feature-length documentary
-Short documentary
-Cinema in construction, ranging from unpublished scripts to work in post-production period, and footage.

Ten films in each category will be chosen by the selection committee composed of a Board of Directors composed of prestigious figures of the audiovisual and arts industry of Cuba and the world.

The decisions of the judges will be final.

The “Lucia” prize, named after Humberto Solás’ cinema classic, is a sculpture created by the Visual Arts department, will be awarded in each category.

-Best direction.
-Best female performance.
-Best male performance.
-Best script.

The evenings will feature concerts and other events which are free and open to the people of Gibara and its guests.

Contact information:  Office of the International Film Festival of Gibara.
Calle 23, nro.1155, e/10 y 12, floor 6, building ICAIC, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba. CP 10400.

This year’s International Film Festival of Gibara is sponsored by a multitude of companies such as Cubatur, Havana Cultura, Jameson Irish Whisky, Paladar La Garida, Havana Air, the Government of Mexico and Grupo Cubanacan.


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