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Havana International Fair

The 39th edition of the Havana International Fair (Feria Internacional de La Habana), otherwise known as the FIHAV, runs from November 6 – 11.


FIHAV 2023 will take place in the ExpoCuba fairgrounds on the Carretera del Rocio, Km 3 ½, Arroyo Naranjo municipality, 25 km southeast of Havana’s center.

Why attend FIHAV now?

FIHAV is a unique opportunity to meet Cuban company directors from its business sectors, in one place, during the course of a week. These kinds of meetings would take far more time, effort and expense to arrange independently.

Within the framework of FIHAV, the Foreign Investment Forum, sponsored by the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, occurs. Meetings between investors move the process forward.

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The Foreign Investment Forum includes presentations by the Minister of Foreign Investment and Ana Teresa Igarza, the Director General of the Mariel Special Development Zone, and other experts.

To participate, visit the official page for the Foreign Investment Forum here.

FIHAV is also where Cuba launches its latest foreign investment portfolio. For the last several years, the portfolio has been online and can be reviewed at Last year’s portfolio contains 708 projects from across the island.

Why should a US business attend FIHAV now?

Despite the negative press about doing business in Cuba, it’s important to remember there is not much substance behind it. There has been no serious change in the regulations for US companies doing business in Cuba. There are now opportunities to work with the private sector.

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The embargo remains the biggest impediment to operations in Cuba for US companies and foreign competitors. This is as true in 2023 as it was in previous years.

The fact that Cuba has opened to foreign investment is an opportunity that should not be missed. It’s important not only understand what that means for Cuba’s market and investment potential, but to find the legal ways to gain a foothold, no matter how small. Long term, a presence in Cuba is also beneficial for other Latin American business operations, as Cuba has developed deep and lasting commercial ties with the rest of the world.

The Havana International Fair is the most heavily booked event of the year in Cuba. In order to guarantee transportation and lodging, book early, especially if you require exhibition space.

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