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Havana’s International Wine Festival of 2017

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The 17th Edition of the International Wine Festival of Havana (the Fiesta Internacional del Vino by its Spanish name) will take place October 12 to 14 at the Hotel Nacional in Havana.  There will be a large presence of some of the best wines in the world brought from the cellars of Spain, Italy, Chile, France, Portugal, Hungary and California.

Representatives from 11 companies, marketers, wine lovers and wineries that are associated with this delightful beverage are attending.  Organizer of the wine festival, Víctor Rosquete said that this year, “we have a wide presence of wines from Spain, Italy, Chile, Hungary and France,” as well as some Portuguese wines from O’Porto and the Californian wines will be showcased.  Without a doubt, there will also be a presence of Cuban wines.

The International Wine Festival of Havana has traditionally provided an excellent opportunity for networking, a venue for the exchange of information and current market trends, and the chance to assess the market in Cuba.  The same opportunities will be available this year.

Mr Rosquete explained that the International Wine Festival of Havana is the appropriate scenario for all new companies that want to make their wines known, negotiate and distribute wines in Cuba.

He said that, “every year we try to do a better wine festival and this achievement is coupled with the high preparation and increase of wine knowledge to Cuban sommeliers.”

At last year’s wine festival 15 companies, specialists and professionals from the field of wine culture participated.  Wine companies from Latin America and Europe have indicated interest in entering their wines into the Cuban marketplace.  This is the festival for them.  Currently, Spain, Chile and Argentina export their wines to the Cuban market place.

The program of the International Wine Festival includes wine tasting, awards for the best designed stand, recognition to the participating companies and nomination of the best wines at the event.

And did you know?  There’s a nascent wine industry in Cuba.  And, let’s not forget, “wine is culture.”

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