Helms Burton Title III: Punishment or Fireworks?

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By David Urra and Sue Ashdown The Helms-Burton law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1996 is best summarized as legislation that wrested control over the U.S. embargo against Cuba away from the Executive Branch, placing it in the hands of the Legislative Branch, so that no U.S. president could eliminate it unilaterally. The time frame is important. By the mid-nineties, with an economy thoroughly devastated by the loss of trade with a toppled socialist bloc, Cuba’s only remaining option was to pursue foreign capital elsewhere. This lifeline was infuriating to Miami’s representatives in Congress, bewildered over the fact that even with an economy shattered by the loss of all trading partners, Cubans still had not toppled their government. Helms Burton was the response, designed…




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