High Season for Tourism to Cuba’s Cayos Starts Up

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Air Canada Vacations announced the resumption of flights to the northern keys (Cayo Coco) beginning September 4. One weekly flight will depart from Montreal. At the end of the month, there will be another flight from Toronto.

The recent certification of international airports and hotel facilities in Cuba encouraged the Canadian airline to restart flights for tourists desperately for vacations in safe countries after lockdown.

Likewise, the low infection rates, the encouraging results of Cuba’s public health system in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, and the low number of deaths from the disease, have influenced Canadian tour operators and Air Canada to make this decision.

Cuban authorities have elaborated a health protocol at the airports in accordance to new international standards. These rules include the social distancing, the sanitization of waiting areas, and the fumigation of luggage on arrival. Other prevention measures include taking body temperature, identifying symptoms and testing for the presence of the virus are free of charge.

The previous requirement of medical insurance for all visitors which covers the costs of the coronavirus treatment— is still in force.

Cuba’s health authorities have prepared hospital facilities, among the most efficient in the world, in the case of a tourist arriving in the country with a COVID infection.

Foreign vacationers will have full access to all the recreation in Cayo Coco, including beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions. Cayo Largo, Holguin and Santa Clara destination openings will be revealed in the near future.

There are no restrictions on swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach. Each hotel will have a medical team that will regularly measure the temperature of the guests and monitor their health.

Tourists will be required to use a mask upon entrance and exit from the Island. Masks are not mandatory at the hotel. Only service personnel will be required to wear masks at the hotel resorts.

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Foreign tourists will not be allowed to leave the area of the Keys, a move to help prevent possible spread of COVID-19.

The hotel resorts of the Keys have been open since August when the first tourists arrived after Cuba closed its borders to international tourists earlier in March of this year.

Tourists from the United Kingdom and Russia have already been put on an approved list for travel to Cuba and will be arriving shortly.

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