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Business in Cuba

How to Obtain a Press Visa for Cuba

The D6 press visa for journalists working in Cuba.

How to obtain a press visa for Cuba? It’s a very simple process for journalists to obtain the D6 press visa.  A journalist needs to have the D6 visa to be able to work in Cuba and report the news.  It’s somewhat like obtaining a business visa, but it’s less complicated.  Journalists need to apply for a visa because Cuba is no different from the rest of the world –  it’s illegal to work in the country without the proper documentation. Processing Times: How long does it take for the entire process to obtain the D6 press visa?  Speaking from experience, it takes anywhere from two days to three to four weeks, start to finish.  The first time I applied for a visa, it was granted in two days.  The second time, it took ten days due to summer office closures.  Either way, muy rapido in my humble opinion.Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Steps to obtaining a press visa for Cuba: If you travel frequently as an international journalist, you should always have two passport photos of yourself on hand, notarized by those who have the authority to notarize documents.  The following is an outline of the steps to apply…


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