International Tourist Arrivals Surpassed Three Million in Mid August

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The number of international tourist arrivals to Cuba surpassed three million in mid August, despite efforts by the United States government to crush tourism to the Island.

Those three million plus tourists flocking to its shores are mainly Canadian, followed by the Europeans. The Russians, representing the largest tourist growth market, choose the Island in part due to the fact that Russia is now operating trans Atlantic flights to Varadero, a primary resort destination.

Globally, Cuba continues to be an attractive tourist destination because the country has so much to offer in the way of climate, charming people, pristine beaches and the resorts, diving areas, ecotourism options, culture, sports, music, history, art. The Island provides something for everyone’s varying taste in vacations.

Another important factor which attracts tourists to Cuba is its safety rating as a vacation destination. Other locales, previously popular as tourist destinations have lost their appeal because of political unrest, corruption and/or rising crime.

In 2018, Cuba received the Spanish FITUR award for excellence in tourism safety. FITUR is one of the most prestigious international trade fair events for the travel industry held each year in Madrid.

Cuba and the major international hotel corporations are also involved in a massive hotel expansion plan, renovating older hotels and resorts and constructing new ones for the expected growth in tourist numbers.

Cuba’s Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero Cruz told the National Assembly in July that more than 4,300,000 are expected to visit by the end of this year.

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