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Italy’s Lavazza Launches Joint Venture with the Cuban Coffee Industry

La Reserva de ¡Tierra!, an organic blend from the plantations of Santiago and Granma.

Lavazza, the well known Italian coffee firm, has launched a groundbreaking joint venture with the Cuban Agroforestry System of Santiago de Cuba.

The collaboration creates a new company, known as BioCuba Caffe S.A., a partnership venture which sets the stage for the production of certified organic coffee beans for global export.

 Last October in Madrid, Lavazza presented its exclusive range of premium Cuban coffee under the brand name, La Reserva de ¡Tierra!, an organic blend from the plantations of Santiago and Granma.

The newspaper Granma reported the joint venture will revolutionize coffee production in Cuba. It will have a profound impact on affiliated producers and the country’s overall coffee landscape. Indeed, coffee lovers around the globe will have a new reason to celebrate their morning cup.

Assuring the new deal is not just a win for export markets, Michele Curto, president of the Association for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba, said, “for every kilogram of coffee that comes out, the same amount must be guaranteed for Cubans.” 

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Santiago de Cuba produces 40% of the coffee in Cuba, but there has been a shortage of coffee for the Island’s residents. 

 “Every time we go to export coffee, we will have to ensure that there is enough for the Cubans. We will always keep the producers at the center,” he said.

Curto also said, “it moves away from conventional coffee production, opts for a clean product, promotes its preservation and social responsibility.”

Ana Teresita González, first vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade views the venture as not merely a coffee business but a driving force for certified organic coffee production in Cuba, partnering with an inclusive agenda for community development. 

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“The company that is created plans to introduce certified organic coffee production in the country and a comprehensive proposal for the development of the community and its people. The new entity has an innovative conception.”

Lately, Cuban coffee appears to have been a particularly attractive foreign investment opportunity. An agreement between the French company Malongó and Cuba’s Gran Piedra Baconao was signed at the recent FIHAV trade fair

Lavazza Foundation in Cuba

The Lavazza Foundation has been engaged in a long-term partnership with 170 farmers in Santiago and Granma supporting coffee production. It endeavors to improve the quality of the coffee while ensuring sustainable growth in the communities. Their commitment involves preserving forests, improving agricultural practices, empowering women and youth, and fostering fair and shorter supply chains. 

Through blockchain technology, the Lavazza Foundation enables the coffee consumer to trace the journey of La Reserva de ¡Tierra! a narrative connecting the well-being of farmers, consumers, and the environment. 

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The Lavazza foundation’s efforts include assisting coffee-growing communities in obtaining organic certification, establishing 34 schools promoting sustainable practices, and advocating an agro-ecological approach.
The initiatives include the adoption of natural fertilizers from coffee production waste and the use of biological pest control among farmers, agronomists, and research and development efforts.

As Lavazza engages in these initiatives, its involvement in the coffee sector is not just a business venture but a partnership aiming to revitalize the nation’s coffee industry, promoting sustainability, quality, and community well-being. 

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