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Economic Development

Japan Donates 84 Buses for Public Transportation in Havana

Japan has donated 84 buses to improve public transportation in Havana. Photo:

Japan has donated 84 buses for public transportation in Havana. Katia Monzon, the Economic-Commercial Counselor of Cuba in Japan, and Takuma Momoi, of the Japan International Cooperation System (JICS), met to review the execution of the donation of non-refundable financial aid of the Japanese government to Cuba.

The donated buses will improve public passenger transportation in Havana.

The 84 vehicles being sent to the Island are manufactured in Colombia. The buses should arrive in Cuba between July and September of this year. Maintenance equipment for the vehicles will be shipped from Japan on May 26 and arrive in Cuba on July 18.

The Japan International Cooperation System, Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) program was established as a public-service foundation in April 1989 to provide international assistance programs for developing countries and territories.

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