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Japan Ships More Hino Trucks to Havana

Cuba will receive a new shipment of Hino trucks from Japan this July.

They can be seen rolling through the streets of Havana picking up the trash from the blue dumpsters. These vehicles are the brand spanking new Japanese Hino trucks. Painted on the side of these impressive trucks, there’s a picture of the Japanese flag and the words, “colaboracion del pueblo japones.”

Hino trucks get a great deal of respect here because they are extremely well made and come with the reputation that they run forever. We hoped there won’t be problems obtaining getting new parts but that will be taken care of by the Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Japan has now sent a new delivery of Hino trucks that departed from Yokohama’s port this week. They will arrive in Havana on July 22. The shipment included ten dump trucks and ten type 2 trailers.

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The shipment is part of the second phase of a deal with the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICS) program for economic and social development in Cuba, signed at the end of 2017 with the Provincial Administration Council of Havana.

The JICS’ aid program includes a total of 40 Hino Motors dump trucks, 32 type 1 and 2 OKI trailers, mini-loaders, transport vehicles, brush-cutters, chainsaws and spare parts for future maintenance.

By November, Havana will have received all the promised trucks and equipment.

The Hino trucks will be assigned to cleaning up the city of Havana in time for the 500th anniversary celebrations this year.

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a prestigious Japanese company located in Cuba, will be responsible for maintenance of the Hino trucks.

Japan and Cuba have shared bilateral relations since 1961. Japan donated $10 million to Cuba in early 2018. The donation consisted of non-reimbursable financial assistance from the Japanese government to assist in the collection and disposal of solid waste, tools and equipment. It looks like these beautiful new Hino trucks for trash collection are a part of the deal.

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