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Economic Development

Job-Seeking Cubans on the Rise

From the numbers presented by Minister Marta Elena Feito Cabrera. Graphic: @MartaEFeito - Twitter

Since Day Zero of the new economy of Cuba, January 1, more than 126,938 Cubans have applied for jobs as Cuba reorders its economy.

Marta Marta Elena Feito Cabrera, Cuba’s Minister of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security published the new statistics of job-seeking Cubans in an interesting graphic of the employment numbers on Twitter.

Of those job applicants, 76,200 or 60% have accepted new jobs in the new economy of Cuba.

Interestingly, of those seeking jobs – the statistics show that 23,374 are young (31%) and 28,515 are woman (38%).

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Some 4,508 have signed up for job-related courses and training.

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