On the Road to Viñales

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When you think of Cuba, visions of sun-kissed beaches, brightly painted vintage cars, Salsa, mojitos, and Cuban cigars float through your mind.  Cuba is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world.  While Havana and the beach resorts are the most popular places for tourists, perhaps the true charms of this Island can be found on a road trip.  We recently did that, no plans, no tight schedule except for the goal to reach Viñales by sunset. Viñales is a place you shouldn’t miss. Why? It’s captivating, easy to get acquainted with, and a short jaunt from Havana.  The route to this mainly agricultural province is scenic, the valley of Viñales is lush, breathtaking, and special. It’s very different from the rest…




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