Part 3 of our Interview with Dan Whittle – EDF and Cuba

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The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) celebrates 20 years of collaboration with Cuba in marine ecosystems conservation and rebuilding fisheries this year. In honor of this anniversary, we interviewed EDF’s Senior Director and Attorney, Dan Whittle, to understand how EDF became involved in this long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Today, Part 3 concludes our interview with Mr. Whittle and Elise Hartill, M.Sc., a marine scientist and National Geographic Explorer who studied at the University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences. Elise Hartill: That’s a great segue to my next question, what do you think the future of ecotourism is and balancing responsible economic development with conservation? Mr Whittle: I think it almost comes back down to the list we made back in 2002. Good science, you have…




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