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The signing of documents at the event hosted by the Cuban Embassy of Australia. Photo courtesy: @Tani_DL

Health Care Sector

Raydel Australia and Cuba’s CNIC Sign Joint Venture

Raydel Australia PTY LTD and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) have established a joint venture to commercialize the use of Policosanol (PPG) and Abexol medicines.

The joint venture expands the international presence of the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Group (BioCubaFarma), enhancing the international prestige of the island’s biopharmaceutical sector.

Dr. Kyung-Hyun Cho, head of RAYDEL Research Institute and Dr. Yoshinari Uehara, M.D. Ph.D., of the Department of Cardiology, Fukuoka University Hospital took part in the event at the Cuban Embassy in Australia.

The Raydel Group Australia

The Raydel Group has branch offices in Korea, Japan and China. It is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company offering high quality, naturally-sourced products that enhance life quality and provide health benefits to patients.

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CNIC is a part of the BioCubaFarma Group

Founded in 1965, the CNIC is a part of the BioCubaFarma business group. The company is dedicated to research, production and pharmaceutical marketing. The CNIC is the first multidisciplinary scientific center in Cuba.

The CNIC and Raydel’s joint venture endorses a long tradition of collaboration in Cuban biopharmaceuticals. It also promotes the reputation and usage of the two drugs in the international marketplace.

Julio Alfonso, president of Dalmer Laboratories S.A., for the CNIC, and Byong Ku Lee, general director of Raydel, signed the agreement. The joint venture confirms the will of both companies to continue developing the strategic alliance.

Clinical trials in Cuba confirmed the effectiveness of PPG as a potential adjuvant drug to control pre-hypertension and hypertension in patients with low cardiovascular risk. The results showed a significant decrease in maximum and minimum values after 12 weeks of testing.

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Abexol is used for the relief of mild osteoarthritis, enhances healthy joint function and mobility and maintains gastrointestinal health.

The results of the clinical trial favor usage for other pathologies and will increase its presence in the international marketplace.

The derivation of PPG and Abexol from sugar cane wax minimizes adverse side effects.

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